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Are you looking to purchase commercial property but are having difficulty getting approved for financing using conventional financing? Commercial Private Equity is one of the leading Atlanta, GA-based commercial private money lenders offering commercial hard money loan consultation and lending with great rates and terms. We understand that specific circumstances or events can make it difficult for conventional financing which is why we offer the best rates on commercial hard money lending.

A hard money loan is provided by companies or commercial private money lenders in exchange for assets as collateral. The interest rates tend to be higher than other asset-based loans, but this option is meant for those who are either unable to secure loans using conventional methods, or those who only want loans for a short amount of time.

Most of these hard money loans are used for projects lasting anywhere from a few months to a few years. Such short-term projects are better suited to hard money loans because they require fast closings and need mortgage approval. Contact us today to book a commercial hard money loan consultation in Atlanta, GA, with Commercial Private Equity.

Commercial Private Equity offers both residential and commercial bridge loans. Bridge loans are great for real estate situations where the buyer of the property does not want to make a contingency offer, helping make your offer more appealing to the seller of the property you wish to purchase.

When you want to purchase a new property but haven’t yet sold your older property, the best option is to go for a commercial bridge loan. The loan is basically a financing option that allows you to use the equity from your old home to buy the new house without yet having an offer. Having all your finances sorted facilitates quick approval on your home purchase loan.

Schedule your bridge loan consultation with Commercial Private Equity. Let us get into the new property that you have been looking at by helping you avoid a contingency offer.

Traditional mortgages and conventional financing are often not available to property owners because the loan is based off of a structure that does not yet exist. A construction loan is typically a short term loan that is used to pay for the cost of building a home, office, or structure. This enables property owners to finance the cost of building the property and at the completion of the construction, property owners then can pay off the construction loan with traditional financing, a conventional mortgage, or an “end loan”.

When people get construction done on their property, they often get a residential construction loan so that the work can be completed. Once the work is done, the loan is paid off and the property is refinanced. For people who require such loans but are unable to get it approved, Commercial Private Equity offer residential construction loans in Atlanta, GA.

Almost any construction and development of property or expansion starts with the acquisition of new raw land. Commercial Private Equity offers raw land loans to applicants seeking raw land for development, construction or resale. We’ve got competitive rates on raw land loans and can help you get approved so you can be underway with your project.

People often face trouble securing raw land loans. Banks are less willing to approve these loans compared to residential construction loans. In case the borrower is unable to pay the loan off and the property gets repossessed, raw lands are tougher to get rid of than houses. If you’re looking to get a loan for a raw land property in Atlanta, GA, schedule a consultation with Commercial Private Equity.

Commercial Private Equity offers loan workouts to individuals that have found themselves in a foreclosure situation that are looking to get back on track with their payments. A loan workout is a plan of how to restructure debt in the face of foreclosure as an alternative to having assets seized in the event you do foreclose.

In a workout loan, Commercial Private Equity will determine why the borrower was unable to repay the loan and what the likelihood is that the borrower will be able to make payments on the new terms. This involves understanding the nature of the hardship that the borrower has faced, the amount left on the existing loan, how much equity has been earned in the property, and future financial prospects.

If you’re having a tough time making your property payments, and are looking at a foreclosure in the near future, then a private lender near you can help. Get in touch with Commercial Private Equity today.