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Private Lending

It’s no surprise that private lending is reshaping the commercial financing industry. Gone are the days when people would waste time in banks, trying to get their loan applications accepted. Collaborating with a reputedprivate money lendercan help you get a loan quickly.

If you’re struggling to find a trustworthy private lender who can help you get a top-quality hard money loan, it’s time to connect with the experts at Commercial Private Equity. Learn more about our private lending process here.

Private Money Lenders Available For Commercial Real Estate

Many topfirms in the US, including Apex Parks and Gold’s Gyms,among other corporate giants, filed for bankruptcy during the pandemic. This highlights the financial challenges firms are facing in the US.

Amidst these challenging circumstances, hard money lenders can save firms by offering customized financial solutions. Whether you want to tackle your firm’s financial challenges or expand your company, experts at Commercial Private Equity can work with you to acquire a top-of-the-line hard money loan deal.

At Commercial Private Equity, we don’t complicate the lending process. Our experts have drafted an online loan application form, and once our clients provide us with all their company’s details, our team kickstarts the underwriting process. Our team wastes no time in analyzing your company’s financial condition and pre-approves the loan application in twenty-four hours.

Clients in the US use our private lending services because we offer multiple hard money loans with interest rates as low as ten percent. We provide five different types of specialized hard money loans, including commercial hard money, raw land, construction, bridge, and workout loans.

We also cater to commercial real estate investors who want to invest in multiple properties. Our team knows that funding the purchase of multiple properties simultaneously can be a nightmare through conventional methods. This is why we offer hard money blanket loans to make commercial real estate financing easier for you.

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