Commercial Private Equity- Hard Money Loan

Hard Money Loan

Many companies prefer private lenders over banks for financing. Why is that? We’re glad you asked! The stringent loan requirements and the lengthy process deters business owners from applying for traditional loans. However, private lenders who offer specialized hard money loans can help boost your firm’s growth.

Specialized Hard Money Loans Available For Clients All Over The US

At Commercial Private Equity, we aim to help US firms get the financing they need. We’ve developed a staunch three-level loan program to assist a wide range of clients. Our loan programs require minimal financial requirements to help you get the financing you need.

We’ve been offering financial assistance in the real estate market for over seventy-five years and help our clients achieve their financial objectives with our hard money loan deals. The team at Commercial Private Equity provides multiple specialized hard money loans. Here are some of the loans we offer:

  • Commercial hard money loans
  • Bridge loans
  • Development and construction loans
  • Raw land loans
  • Workout loans
  • Blanket loans
  • Hard money commercial renovation loans

We want to help you get ahead of your competitors with quick financing. Our exceptional team can analyze your financial condition and pre-approve your loan application within twenty-four hours. We’ve got a world-class underwriting process that helps us close loan deals in a short period.

As a private hard money lender, we’ve gained the trust of our clients in the US by delivering top-quality hard money loan deals. We’ve served several clients nationwide, including large corporations, small-scale businesses, brokers, and commercial real estate developers.

Individuals in the US prefer to take hard money loans from us because we accept a wide range of commercial properties as collateral for our loan deals. The different commercial properties we use arerestaurants, warehouses, hotels, golf courses, office buildings, gas stations, and many more.

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