Commercial Private Equity- Raw Land Loans

Raw Land Loans

Building an office from scratch can give you the freedom to design the office as per your liking. If you want to go ahead with this plan, the first step is to buy raw land at a prime location. However, unfortunately, real estate prices are rising at an unprecedented rate in the US, which can make it challenging to purchase your dreamland.

Yes, you can go to banks to get traditional financing for your land, but that might not be a great idea. US banks have strict loan requirements anda time-consuming process, leading to increased rejection rates during the pandemic.

If you want a better financing solution, it’s time to visit Commercial Private Equity. They’ve been providing effective financial solutions to their clients in the private hard money lending industry for over seventy-five years.

Get Raw Land LoansTo Start Your Commercial Project

Even if your firm has a low credit score, you can still get financing for raw land. But how? We’re glad you asked! At Commercial Private Equity, we offer hard money raw land loans with exceptional loan terms. We use multiple commercial properties, including gas stations, golf courses, office buildings, warehouses, hotels, and restaurants, as collateral for our loans.

Our team works with every client individually to understand their financial situation. We try to find the best raw land loan deals for our clients with low-interest rates and quick approvals. We also conduct an extensive underwriting process to pre-approve your loan application and get your raw land loan deal on track in no time.

We understand the importance of raw land for a firm’s growth. This is why we’ve created a three-level loan program to help you acquire raw land loans without any hassle. Our team is aware that buying raw landisn’t enough to start any commercial project. If you want to go the extra mile andbuild an office on your raw land,check out our hard money construction loans.

If you’re looking for raw land financing, it’s time to apply for raw land loans at Commercial Private Equity.