Commercial Private Equity- Construction Loan

It’s no secret that construction costs are skyrocketing and even making a small office can be a burden on your firm’s budget. If you want to go ahead with your construction project, we recommend you start looking for financial plans to fund your upcoming project.

If you want to start construction right away, you should join hands with private money lenders who can provide top-notch hard money construction loan deals.

Hard Money Construction Loans Available at Commercial Private Equity

Constructing a modern office can help you impress your clients, which is why we recommend you leave no stone unturned in your construction plan. At Commercial Private Equity, we want to help you expand your firm with our hard money construction loans.

Whether you want to construct a commercial building or a small office, our team of experts can find the perfect construction loan deal as per your specifications. We’ve got an exceptional underwriting team that will understand your financial condition and pre-approve your loan in a short time.

We provide short-term hard money construction loans to help you complete your construction plan in no time. We’ve got a three-level loan program that can help you select loan deals as per the requirements of your construction project. Our financial experts can sit with you and help you get a construction loan deal with interest rates as low as ten percent.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can construct a new office or a warehouse from scratch on raw land. We can provide hard money raw land loans and construction loans to help you revamp your firm. Constructing an office on raw land is beneficial as it gives you the freedom to design your commercial property as per your liking.

Undoubtedly, constructing any property can be hectic. If you want to get your hands on a ready-made property, our hard money bridge loans can provide the financing you need to purchase commercial property in the US.

Apply for a construction loan deal at Commercial Private Equity to start constructing your office.